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Here’s the thing, the financial world is full of mysteries and complicated language. Sometimes it’s so complicated that even the same writers that wrote financial articles don’t understand them.


Our weekly newsletter is meant to truly provide you with simple and valuable financial information such as:

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Who are we?

We are, a team of passionate individuals looking to simplify the financial world through high-quality information.

We’re born out of a dream to fight back against so many scammers taking advantage of innocent people. By accident, we ended up growing to become a leading source of information, made out of pure love.

So, what type of content?

Trading guides, articles and reviews accompanied by beautiful and fun hand-drawn illustrations where every single concept will become simplified.

Is there any catch?

No, there isn't. provides free educational web content and a trading course called Trading Made Simple.

Most newsletters are meant to sell something, ours isn’t.

We are not interested in your money, if anything, you should know that we are interested in money coming in from Brokers, that’s why we engage in partnerships with Brokers we believe to be reputable and safe. They reward us for referring clients to them and that’s how we fund our business.

Our mission is to make the world better with our website. Be a part of this mission by helping us grow our community and spreading the voice!

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