About Us

The Inspiration

After thousands of conversations with investors and traders from well-known brokerage firms in the CFD industry we realized something was missing. 


Every single person had a strong desire to learn about trading but the information available is either:

How could anyone even dare to learn with so much misinformation out there?

The Idea


Right after spotting what was missing we decided someone has to do something about it. 

People need a safe place where they can learn not only about trading but also about what's really happening inside the industry, for example:

There is no real benefit in learning about trading patterns and candlestick types when you'll end up being taken advantage of by an unethical broker or guru. That's why we make so much emphasis on the importance of these subjects to every single person we've managed to talk to. 

Our goal is to attack on all fronts possible by:

No more dreaming, we did it


After 2 years of hard work and dedication we managed to launch our initial product: 

In less than one business year we're approaching 5000 students! 

Shortly after our course launched, we published our website with the aim to create and distribute high quality free content for the whole world to enjoy. 

Business Model

Our business model is simple and straightforward: 

You probabbly noticed the word "ethical" several times, that is because we're constantly researching, testing and making sure that we only recommend high quality brokers to our visitors. 

Our philosophy is simple: we prefer to drive our business to the ground before engaging in a partnership with an unethical market player.

Our beliefs 


Trading is a difficult profession which requires hard work and dedication, not an easy way to make money.

Our resources will not only teach you the basics of trading, but also a way to see things in life as a business person.

The only thing we hope is for you to enjoy your time with us and learn as much as possible so you can use this knowledge to your advantage along the way.

Stay safe, enjoy trading and have fun!

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