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About Us

The financial markets are tough enough as they are, in fact, they’re so complicated that sometimes even banks and hedge funds don’t know what they’re doing. This led us to ask ourselves a simple question:

Why make things more difficult than what they should be?

Enter -

We’re here since 2019 to help you make the best decisions possible by providing you a safe place to learn, grow, communicate and enjoy the financial markets.

Sometimes less is more.

Our content and tools are created with simplicity in mind to ensure that you can accomplish whatever you need without having to suffer for it.

Mobile Positions

  • Comparing brokers
  • Exploring our brokers database
  • Learning about trading from scratch
  • Improving your knowledge as an experienced trader

All these tasks can be done with merely a few clicks and without annoying ads or distractions that prevent you from reading the content. We wanted to ensure a curated experience where whatever you see is relevant for you.

Safety first, for real

If you thought the risks of trading were only the markets themselves, think again. The financial industry being one of the most profitable ones in the world is plagued by scammers, gurus and unethical firms. Nothing more than a lot of people (both organised and unorganised) looking to take your money.

One of our missions is to help you avoid or reduce as much as possible any kind of risk exposure towards possible threats and for this, we created safety indicators such as the licence panel:

License Panel Example

With a mere gaze, you’ll be able to know how many top-tier licences a broker holds and evaluate whether it fits your risk appetite.

Our beliefs

The financial markets are beautiful, mysterious and addictive. They can be a great wealth generation machine or a guillotine for those that lack the knowledge and the discipline to succeed on it. is here to help you along your journey by providing you with high value content and tools that take you one step closer to your goals.

If we manage to do this, then we consider ourselves successful.