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Alvexo Review 2023 - The Good and the Bad

By, Updated on: Apr 07 2023.

Alvexo in a Nutshell


77.88% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

💡 Score 1.1 out of 5.
🏛 Regulators CySec, FSAS.
💳 Minimum Deposit ($) 500
💰 Payment Methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Neteller
💵 Base Currencies 3 - EUR, USD, GBP
📚 Assets Offered

🔹 Stock CFDs 🔹 Currency CFDs 🔹 Commodities CFDs 🔹 Indices CFDs 🔹 Crypto CFDs 🔹 Bond CFDs

💪 Retail Leverage 1:30
💪 Pro Leverage 1:300
✍ Custom Leverage No
🎲 Deleveraged Trading No
🎓 Demo Account Yes
💰 Commissions None

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Alvexo in 60 seconds

  • Over 400 CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities and currencies
  • MetaTrader 4 and their own proprietary platform Alvexo Trader
  • Expensive spreads when compared to the majority of brokers in their category

Alvexo is a Cypriot broker founded and regulated in 2014 that specialises in CFDs trading via MT4 and their proprietary trading platform. As of August 3rd 2022, Alvexo's CySec license is partially suspended making them unavailable in French territory.

Alvexo Ratings


Asset Offering1.5

Platform Offering1.5

Mobile Trading1.5

Web Trading1.5

Trading Fees0.5

Research Tools1.0

Educational Content1.0

Account Types0.5

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Alvexo Full Review

Here’s what we’ll talk about during our review: 

Is Alvexo Safe?

Alvexo holds only two financial licenses from our other licenses categories and no licenses from our top-tier considered ones.




Top-tier Licenses


Other Licenses


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A very important point to note is that as of 10th of November 2022, Alvexo's CySec license is partially suspended.

It has come to our attention through several news articles (such as this one from fxnewsgroup) that Alvexo was fined over €100,000 by CySec (the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) due to several violations such as:

  • Not acting fairly and honestly towards their clients
  • Misleading customers
  • Hiring personnel with insufficient knowledge and skills to provide investment advice or services

After this fine, Alvexo continued to operate, yet they were prohibited by French Authorities to operate on French territory.

Due to the current regulatory situation of Alvexo and the above news articles, we do not consider Alvexo to be a safe choice at the moment. 

Regulation Score

1.0 out of 5

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Alvexo Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

Alvexo haqs a minimum deposit requirement of $500. Below you'll find a list of their deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Netellers

Bear in mind that each payment method is not always available on all locations as they depend on what each financial regulator allows.

Base Currencies

Alvexo supports the following base currencies:

  • Euro
  • United States Dollar
  • Great British Pound

Alvexo Account Types

Alvexo offers 4 account types: Classic, Gold, Prime and Elite. Here's how they compare:

Feature Classic Gold Prime Elite
Min Deposit $500 $10,000 $50,000 Not disclosed (must be higher)
Spreads From 2.9 Pips From 2.2 Pips From 1.8 Pips From 0.1 Pips
Min Trade size $1,000 (0.01 Lots) $5,000 (0.05 Lots) $10,000 (0.1 Lots) $25,000 (0.25 Lots)

Within Alvexo, the word "expensive" gets a whole new definition of its own. Their spreads are amongst the highest we have ever observed in the industry even if you choose to deposit $50,000 to get access to a "Prime" account.

Account Types Score

0.5 out of 5

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Alvexo Trading Fees

Alvexo charges spreads, inactivity fees and overnight fees on leveraged positions. Let's go over their fees in more detail:


Here's how Alvexo's spreads compare to similar brokers:

Asset Alvexo Plus500 eToro
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 2.9 Pips to 14 PipsDynamic - From 0.8 PipsDynamic - From 1 Pip
SP500 SpreadFrom 175 Pips to 100 PipsDynamic - From 70 PipsDynamic - From 75 Pips
Gold SpreadFrom 90 to 50 PipsDynamic - From 30 PipsDynamic - From 45 Pips
TSLA SpreadFrom $1.91 to $1.41Dynamic - From $5.2Dynamic - From 0.09%
XLK SpreadUnavailableDynamic - From 7 PipsDynamic - From 0.09%
BTC SpreadFrom $192.21Dynamic - From $136Fixed - 1%

As you can see, Alvexo's spreads are far more expensive than even some of the most expensive (in terms of spreads) brokers out there. 

Commissions & Fees

Here's how Alvexo's commissions compare:


No commissions on real stocks and ETFs

Fortunately, Alvexo does not charge commissions.

Trading Fees Score

0.5 out of 5

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Alvexo Available Assets

Here's how Alvexo's asset offering compares to similar brokers:

Asset Alvexo Plus500 eToro
Stock CFDs33720002000
Currency Pairs000
Currency Pair CFDs547047
Commodities CFDs132514
Indices CFDs152613
ETF CFDs095145
Cryptocurrency CFDs221426
Bond CFDs200
Option CFDs0150
Future CFDs000

As you saw on the above table, Alvexo's asset offering is below the industry standard for similar brokers. We definitely look forward to them adding more stocks to be able to compete with their peers.

Asset Offering Score

1.5 out of 5

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Alvexo Trading Platforms

Alvexo offers the following trading platforms:

  • MetaTrader 4 (IOS and Android)
  • Alvexo Trader (Web, IOS and Android)

Platform Offering Score

1.5 out of 5

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Let's take a look at their proprietary platform:

Alvexo Mobile Trading Platform

Alvexo's mobile platform is simple, friendly and easy to use. Let's go over a few of its areas in more detail:

Mobile Home

Alvexo's mobile home is quite simple. At a glance you'll be able to search assets using the top right magnifying glass or switch between your favourites watchlist, popular assets and your open positions.

Alvexo Mobile Home

Asset View

When clicking on any asset you'll land on the asset view where traders can easily view several key data points about every asset by switching tabs and also explore their default trading charts.

Alvexo Mobile Charting Tools

Alvexo's trading charts were very slow, unresponsive and lacked the feeling of a properly developed charting platform. Nowadays, most brokers use tradingview for their charts, we can't seem to understand why Alvexo would use such slow and uncomfortable. charts.

From the available tabs, you'll see you can explore the following options:

  • Charts
  • Info
  • Statistics
  • News
  • Signals

Alvexo Mobile Asset Info 2

Alvexo's signals are provided by Trading Central and their statistics provide interesting information such as the buyer's sentiment of an asset which indicates whether a lot of traders are buying or selling a particular asset.

Our opinion is that we usually never trust this type of indicator as we don't know on what metrics its based. Are they talking about only Alvexo's traders? Third party data? We don't know.

Order Placement

When clicking the buy or sell buttons, you'll land on the order placement panel. Here you'll be able to quickly create a trading order using either quantity in Lots, in currency value or in required margin.

Alvexo Mobile Order Placement

Additionally you'll be able to set a take-profit order, a stop-loss order or make your buy/sell order a limit order only using price values.

A very important issue to note is that the button used to place the order does not change colour regardless if you're buying or selling, so always pay close attention to which order type you select.


When clicking on the top-left menu of Alvexo's mobile platform, you'll have several options and amongst them you'll find:

  • Open positions
  • Pending Orders
  • Closed Positions

While this is not really a portfolio function but rather separate entities doing the function of a portfolio, we simply grouped them for the explanation and decided to show one example.

Alvexo Mobile Portfolio


Alvexo's mobile news are only available inside each asset on the News tab.

News articles seem to be redacted by their own team and in the majority of cases we only see one author in all news articles, so he must have a lot of work apparently. 

Alvexo Mobile News

It would be great to see real news sources from reputable providers such as Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.

Mobile Trading Score

1.5 out of 5

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Alvexo Web Trading Platform

Alvexo's web trading platform is an exact replica of their mobile platform with a different layout. Let's take a deeper look into its features:

Web Home

As soon as you log in, you'll land on the dashboard area (home). Here are the most important functions:

  • At the left side of the screen you'll find the menu that gives you access to all the platforms functions
  • At the bottom of the screen you'll find their proprietary trading charts
  • At the top of the screen you'll find your account balance
  • At the centre of the screen the asset lists with filtering based on asset classes or custom filters designed by Alvexo such as popular, most traded, etc.

Alvexo Web Home

On Alvexo's web platform there is no such thing as a separate asset view. The platform is always viewing an asset. Notice how the same tabs available in the mobile platform inside an asset are available above the trading chart.

Order Placement

When clicking the buy or sell buttons of an asset, an order placement panel will deploy from the right side of the screen where you'll be able to place your trade.

Alvexo Web Order Placement

The web order placement panel is exactly the same as the one in the mobile app.


In the same fashion as their mobile app, Alvexo did not create a portfolio app but rather three separate elements to track open positions, pending charts and closed positions. Here's how it looks:

Alvexo Web Portfolio


When clicking on the news tab above the trading chart of any asset, you'll land on the news section created by Alvexo.

Alvexo Web News

Charting Tools

Alvexo's charting tools are accessible at all times from the bottom of the platform by expanding them using the full-screen option. 

We believe that the charts were quite unresponsive, slow and of low resolution.

Alvexo Web Charting Tools

Alvexo could definitely do a better job improving their trading charts.

Web Trading Score

1.5 out of 5

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Alvexo Research and Analysis Tools

Alvexo provides the following research and analysis tools:

  • Trading signals by Trading Central
  • Economic Calendar

Research Tools Score

1.0 out of 5

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Alvexo Educational Tools

Alvexo provides the following educational tools from their platforms or website:

  • Webinars
  • Video tutorials

Alvexo Web Educational Tools

We're definitely looking forward to Alvexo improving their educational offer for new traders.

Educational Content Score

1.0 out of 5

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Alvexo overall rating is 1.1 out of 5.

The only positive point we could find at the moment is that Alvexo's platforms are relatively friendly and easy to use. On the negative side, we have very deep concerns about Alvexo's regulatory situation and ethical behaviour towards their clients. Also, their account offering is simply one of the most expensive ones we've seen in our whole history reviewing brokers with very little benefits regardless of deposited amounts.

We can confidently say that depositing $50,000 in exchange for spreads starting from 1.8 Pips is just nuts. No other way to say it. Most brokers offer spreads from 0.8 Pips for free without any minimum deposit.

At present, we can't recommend Alvexo for any type of customer (from our usual categories such as beginner, intermediate or expert). We look forward to the following:

  • Clarifications on why Alvexo's license was suspended and if so, why only in France? Are the same issues that occurring in france also happening around the world in less strict regulatory environments?
  • An improved account offering with spreads and benefits that actually make sense