Capital.com Review 2021 - Safe or Scam? Read First!

Updated Mar 22 2021

Capital.com Review 2021 - Safe or Scam? Read First!

During our full 2021 review of Capital.com we'll go in depth into their location, regulation, mobile and web trading platforms and pretty much everything you need to know.

Capital.com’s main benefits are allowing traders to choose their desired leverage, having a minimum deposit of 20 euros and their recent integration with TradingView. The main drawbacks are the lack of advanced order placement controls and multi-charting capabilities in their proprietary platform.

A quick overview of Capital.com's top advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
Over 3000+ CFDs on several asset classes Their own platform does not offer trailing stops
Low minimum deposit (20 EUR, USD or GBP) Their own platform has no multi-charting capabilities
Leverage is customisable (can be 1:1 as well for no leverage at all) Their own platform has no customisable layouts
Integrated with TradingView  

Table of contents:

Where is Capital.com based?

World map

Capital.com was founded in 2016, their aim was to drive A.I trading into the market as a young challenger brand which we will discuss later during our review. Shortly after being founded they acquired their CySec license in the year 2017 and FCA license in the year 2018. They have 4 international offices located in London, Cyprus, Minsk and Gibraltar. Their current CEO is Jonathan Squires, former CDO at a well known Cypriot Broker.

Is Capital.com safe or a scam?

Financial regulator building

Capital.com is regulated by several governmental entities, let's go over a few of their top licenses with a direct link to the license provider, that way you can be sure that you're looking at the right information.

We also acquired first-hand information that this company operates with solid ethics and fairness.

Their customer support departments do not engage in any type of financial advice or pressure tactics to drive growth, yet they do work with outbound calls towards their new clients to onboard them and to existing clients to provide informational services.

Despite them being good at this, we still maintain our philosophy that the less calls the better. The best broker is the one that never calls you. We’re looking forward to Capital.com switching into an exclusive in-app live chat service to keep the edge over the competition.

Capital.com Available Assets

Dollar, Gold, Bitcoin and Shares illustration

Capital.com’s offer is based on CFDs (Contracts for difference). Here's the list of asset classes provided:

Their offer is quite comprehensive with over 3000+ assets, but they lack CFDs on options to spice up their game.

Capital.com Mobile Platform Review

Capital.com Mobile platform home view

We’ve finally made it to the interesting part, platforms. If there is one thing we can say about their platform is that it's beautiful, smooth and fast, the perfect combination for beginners and intermediate traders. Here are a few points to discuss about it:

Capital.com Mobile platform trade view

The moment you click on an asset you’ll go inside this view, the individual asset trade window. Here are a few points:

Capital.com Mobile platform order view

We appreciate the simplified design and the fact that colors change everywhere according to the order type, but having more advanced control for orders would be a great way to motivate professional traders to use this platform.

Figuring out the code, if you want to set a stop-loss-limit order on Capital.com’s platform, you’ll have to open a “buy/sell when price is” order (which means limit) and make sure it’s on the opposite direction of your current trade and also make sure that hedging mode is not enabled so that way you can partially close positions or a whole by opening on the opposite direction.

It’s nice to dumb down things, but sometimes trying to make things too easy is exactly the reason why a professional trader might not feel attracted to it, he wants his usual deal found in professional software, but for beginners it’s a sweet spot.

Capital.com Mobile platform tutorials

Some additional benefits of Capital.com’s mobile platform are the included educational resources such as a few short video tutorials on the basic concepts of trading and an in-app news feed.

Their A.I technology is still too young and does not present any groundbreaking benefits worth mentioning besides a few behavioural patterns alerts to warn you of potential bad practises. We’re looking forward to seeing new developments in this area.

Capital.com Web Trading Platform Review

Capital.com Web platform main view

Capital.com’s web platform is also built with a very attractive design and easiness of use in mind. A few points about it:

Capital.com Web platform discover view

Our favourite thing about Capital.com’s web platform is the discovery section, you’ll get all sorts of information from it such as: most traded assets, most volatile, risers, fallers of the day and the cherry on top would be the news and educational resources available at the tip of a finger.

Capital.com Web platform chart view

The charts section is simply gorgeous, you can perform technical analysis, add indicators, have browser-like tabs open on top for each chart and trade from them while you glance at the most recent news.

This platform is coming very close to fit the needs of professional traders once they develop some more advanced features.

Capital.com Fees

Yellow Dollar Symbol

Capital.com charges spread for each trade (difference between bid and ask prices) and overnight fees.

Compared to other options they’re quite competitive as they don’t charge in or out commissions out of each trade or withdrawal or deposit fees.

They have a clear explanation of the overnight fee on each asset where you can see the percentage that will be charged or favoured on each trade per night left open.

Their spreads seem to be competitive in comparison to main market players.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal


Capital.com’s minimum deposit is 20 EUR, USD or GBP for all payment methods except wire transfer, which has a 250 EUR (or the equivalent in the currency of your trading account).

The deposit methods are Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers, Sofort, iDeal, Giropay, Multibanko, QIWI, Webmoney, Trustly and ApplePay.


First hand we know that Capital.com receives a withdrawal request and shortly after proceeds to process it, so usually funds are back within 2 to 5 business days. When there’s any delay above that it’s on the other side such as the client’s bank, but we’re happy to know Capital.com processes withdrawals in a timely manner. The only thing missing here is paypal.



Capital.com has proven the ability to develop amazing products that work smoothly and provide an incredible user experience. While using their platform we never experienced bad loading times or delays, every click was like butter.

We feel a little confused by their strategy, it seems as if they want to market themselves to professionals yet their product seems to be built with beginners and intermediate trader’s needs in mind. If you’re on this level, then there’s no better platform for you out there.

Now, for professional traders that’s where we lack some crucial elements on their own platform:

Despite their own platform not providing the above features, Capital.com recently partnered with TradingView to meet the demands of professional traders that require an advanced trading platform, this is clearly a major milestone for Capital.com.

Overall, we believe it’s an amazing platform for beginners and intermediate level traders. They have the potential to become industry leaders as soon as they decide to level up with the big players in terms of product.

If you’re starting your trading career or you’re leveling up through the ranks, this platform is the right place to go.

Capital.com Review 2021 - Safe or Scam? Read First!


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