XTB Broker Review 2021 - The Good and the Bad

Updated Aug 28 2021

XTB Broker Review 2021 - The Good and the Bad

XTB’s main benefits are offering low forex spreads accompanied by comprehensive research and analysis tools such as their own custom stock screener. On the negative side they charge a commission of 0.08% (minimum $8) on stock and etfs.

XTB is well suited for professional high volume traders that are looking to exploit the benefits of their real market spreads (found in stocks and ETFs) and use their stock screener to detect good trading opportunities using a broad range of metrics.

To make your life easy, here are a couple answers to potential questions you could be asking yourself right now:

Bottom line, a broker can be good for some people and bad for others, what matters is what are your current needs and what features of this broker can satisfy them. 

Below you’ll find our XTB in a nutshell table, it’ll tell you most of the things you need to know about XTB to be sure if it’s the right broker for you. If you’re feeling uncertain, don’t hesitate to use our broker comparison tool to check how XTB stacks against other well-known brokers.

XTB in a Nutshell


77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


XTB is an international broker specialised in CFD trading and low cost forex spreads.

Best For
  • Experienced forex traders looking for low spreads
  • Experienced stock traders looking for trading particular stocks under low spreads (with commission)
Our signature verification badge. This broker is safe to use.
The Good
  • Low forex & stock spreads
  • Professional platform with customisable layouts
The Bad
  • No ability to remove or customise leverage
  • High commissions on stocks & ETFs
  • All instruments are CFDs, you can't buy underlying assets (real stocks or cryptocurrencies)
Recent News
Key Data
Account Opening Time 1 day
Documents Required
  • Valid identity document (Passport, ID Card, etc)
  • Valid proof of residence document (Bank statement, utility bills)

All documents must be under the account holder's name.

Financial Regulators
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
Financial Conduct Authority
Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Year Founded 2002
Minimum Deposit $, €, £ 0.
Payment Methods
Bank Transfer
Account Base Currencies 5 - USD, GBP, EUR, PLN, HUF.
Available to U.S Citizens No
Restricted Countries US, SY, IR.
STP Account Yes
DMA Account No
ECN Account No
Available Assets
Stocks 1877
Currency Pairs 57
Commodities 21
Indices 36
ETFs 135
Cryptocurrencies 5
Bonds N/A
Options N/A
Futures N/A
Notes All XTB assets are CFDs.
Trading Experience
Minimum Stocks Trade Size $50
Minimum ETFs Trade Size $50
Minimum Crypto Trade Size Varies by Crypto (Eg: 0.01 BTC)
Minimum FX Trade Size $1,000
Minimum Commodities Trade Size Varies by Commoditty (Eg: 0.01 Troy ounces of Gold)
Minimum Bonds Trade Size N/A
Minimum Futures Trade Size N/A
Minimum Options Trade Size N/A
Retail Leverage Up to 1:30
Professional Leverage N/A
Customisable Leverage No
Deleveraged Trading No
Demo Account Yes
IOS App Yes
Android App Yes
MetaTrader 4 No
MetaTrader 5 No
Web Trader Yes
TradingView Platform No
Propietary Platform Yes
Multi-chart tools Yes
Copy Trading No
Social Trading No
Guaranteed Stop-loss No
Trailing Stop-loss Yes
Inactivity Fee Yes, $10 a month after 1 year of inactivity
Deposit Fees $0
Withdrawal Fees No
Commissions For Stocks and ETFs / 0.08% - $8 Minimum commission
EUR/USD Dynamic - From 0 to 0.8 Pips
SP500 Dynamic - From 50 Pips
GOLD Dynamic - From 35 Pips
TSLA ( Stock CFD) Dynamic - Market Spread
XLK (ETF - CFD) Dynamic - Market Spread
BTC Dynamic - From $120
Research and Analysis
Watch Lists Yes
Stock Screener Yes
Economic Calendar Yes
Integrated Newsfeed Yes
Reuters Feed No

Table of Contents:

Is XTB safe or a scam?

XTB is safe and well regulated by several governmental entities, let's go over a few of their top licenses with a direct link to the license provider, that way you can be sure that you're looking at the right information:

Bottom line, being a well regulated and supervised broker founded in 2002 and a publicly traded company in WSE, we can conclude that XTB is a trustworthy financial services provider.

XTB Mobile Trading Platform

XTB’s mobile platform is well built, smooth, fast and visually appealing. All assets have assigned an icon to them which makes it visually attractive and the right options are available within 1 click.

There are no groundbreaking or innovative features on XTB’s mobile platform, just a well built mobile companion for your trading experience.

Mobile Home

Right at your platform’s home, you’ll be able to search for assets using the magnifying glass at the top right corner or edit and create watchlists by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner as well.

XTB Mobile Platform Home

A notification centre is nowhere to be found, still, in most cases brokers use the notification centre to deliver useless information so it’s better to not have one at all than to have one with pushes written by an underpaid writer recommending buys or sells.

Asset View

XTB’s mobile platform asset view is definitely a great experience as they decided to squeeze everything you need in a single place.

XTB Mobile Platform Asset View

Interesting points:

There is a market sentiment indicator but we all know very well that they’re completely useless.

The beauty of the asset view is that you can open a trade right away without needing to access any other window and if you toggle the Take Profit or Stop Loss switches, you’ll be able to define your orders right there.

XTB Mobile Platform Stop Loss Take Profit

Order Placement

As mentioned before, you can open a trade straight from the asset view.

An interesting point is that XTB functions using Volume as their quantitative measure to open all sorts of trades, please be very cautious with this, here’s why:

To save yourself from opening the wrong trade, always click the “Show Details” button and you’ll be able to see the “Contract Value” indicator which amounts to the total size of your trade.

After clicking on Buy or Sell, a small pop-up will appear to confirm your transaction.

XTB Mobile Platform Order Confirmation


XTB offers a standard portfolio view that allows you see:

The last one is for fees, commissions, deposits, etc. 

XTB Mobile Platform Portfolio


XTB offers financial news of their own, nothing to be impressed about. Just a couple analyses and features to read.

XTB Mobile Platform News

As mentioned before, XTB is a very powerful choice for Forex Traders, and clearly they seem to know it as you can find a direct tab in the bottom of the app to access their Economic Calendar.

XTB Mobile Platform Economic Calendar

Charting Tools

Rotating your mobile device horizontally will allow you to enter the full screen charting tools.

XTB Mobile Platform Charting Tools

What we can say about them is that they’re fast, responsive and smooth. XTB’s mobile app is clearly a custom developed native app.

Other brokers have these laggy applications where you can really feel that you’re using some sort of “web browser” experience where the app is simply loading web content and formatting into your device, clearly, this is not the case. 

XTB Web Trading Platform

XTB’s web trading platform is quite an impressive tool for specific uses such as scanning stocks using their screener and creating custom multi-chart views.

Web Home

Welcome to XTB’s web platform home, here’s what you’ve got available on the default layout:

Everything in XTB’s platform is configurable. Notice on the below image, every section of the platform has a “+”  and an “x” icon at the top right side. This allows you to create tabs with different tools according to your needs.

XTB Web Platform Home


Clicking on the bell at the top right side opens the notifications centre. A nice feature is that you’ll be able to filter them according to the type of notification.

XTB Web Notifications

Clicking on the bell located at the top right side of your platform will open price alerts. Here you’ll be able to manage your existing ones, edit them or create new ones.

XTB Web Platform Price Alerts

Asset View

Whenever you click on the small “Info” icon on each asset, a popup will appear showing you detailed information about your asset.

XTB Web Platform Asset Info

The information that XTB provides is very interesting and worth observing as for example it’s very detailed performance metrics when it comes to stocks.

Order Placement

When trying to place an order you’ll be prompted with a popup and here you’ll gain a detailed view of the specific parameters of your order. 

XTB Web Platform Order Placement

Definitely one of the best views out there as it allows you to see clearly what spread, commissions or swaps you’re paying before even opening your trade.


The portfolio is an exact representation of the one found in the mobile app, not much to comment about it except that we’re very appreciative of the emergency button they created:

XTB Web Platform Emergency Button

It allows you to quickly close segments of positions in case of emergency. It’s very useful if you have 50 trades open at the same time.


One of the variable tabs at the right side will unveil XTB’s financial news (written by themselves). Not much to comment on this point except that we would definitely prefer a Reuters feed.

XTB Web Platform News

Charting Tools

XTB’s web platform provides a valuable charting experience, especially for frequent traders as you’ll be able to configure different charting views using the views selector.

XTB Web Platform Views Selector

Thanks to this option you can have a particular view with 4 commodities and another view with 4 currencies.

XTB Web Platform Multichart

Being able to define custom views will allow you to trade more efficiently and study asset correlations.

Stock Screener

We’ve reached the most valuable tool inside XTB’s platform, their Stock screener. 

Here you’ll be able to search for companies and filter them using many metrics, for example:

XTB Web Platform Stock Scanner

It’s definitely a nice feature for savvy traders that are looking to go into the fundamentals of the stocks they trade.

XTB also provides a heatmap for Forex, US stocks and EU Stocks.

XTB Trading Fees


XTB Charges the following fees:

XTB Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

XTB does not have a minimum deposit or withdrawal requirement. It is up to each client to determine how much they want to trade with.



XTB is a well regulated broker with comprehensive features such as low forex spreads, dynamic market spreads on stocks and ETFs and a great platform experience with their multi-charting tools and their stock scanning section.

This broker is definitely designed for experienced traders with a clear understanding of the markets they want to trade. Their platform is not beginner friendly at all. Beginner traders could be easily confused by XTB’s “Volume” measure used to define quantities when opening positions.

If you’re a trader that operates under a low budget and you’re interested in shares, XTB is not the best choice for you as you’ll find them very expensive (with their 0.08% or minimum 8$ stocks and ETFs commission).

If you’re a high volume trader you’ll definitely find the advantage of taking the best out of their low forex, stocks and ETFs trades.

Good luck!

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Your Capital is at risk.



77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.



72% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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Ready for a next-level trading experience?


77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Ready for a next-level trading experience?

Editor's Choice


77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Ready for a next-level trading experience?


77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.