Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk.


ETX Capital

72.54% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Binance Vs. ETX Capital - Compare and Choose the Right One

Updated Jan 12 2022


Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk.


72.54% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 in China with the aim of providing the ultimate trading solution. Currently, they offer more than 700+ cryptocurrencies, derivatives (such as Vanilla options, futures, staking), a Launchpad platform for ICOs and many more services such as several trading platforms with different complexity levels.

Founded in 1965, ETX Capital offers 60 currency pairs and a wide selection of equities for the beginning and experienced investors with no deposit and withdrawal fees.

Best For
  • Avid cryptocurrency traders and investors from intermediate to expert levels
  • Day traders looking for a high liquidity exchange with competitive fees
  • Forex traders for variety of currencies and high net worth equities
  • Traders seeking commission free equities inside their 250 commission-less selection
  • Traders who want to trade commodity futures and bonds 



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The Good
  • Largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by liquidity
  • Massive cryptocurrencies selection available (700+)
  • Large amount of financial products in the form of derivatives (Vanilla options, futures, etc)
  • Advanced trading platforms with visual order books at no cost
  • Commission-free trades for 250 equities
  • Low minimum deposit to open standard account (100£)
  • Wide selection of commodity futures and bonds
  • Decent educational material for market research, including seminars on indices, commodities and currencies
The Bad
  • Interface can be complex to use for beginners
  • The wide selection of products and derivatives can also be intimidating for beginners
  • Doesn’t provide live news feed on standard account
  • No ability to purchase real stocks or ETFs (All assets are CFDs)
  • Expensive commissions on shares (Eg minimum $15 on US shares, 10 € on EU shares)
Operational Operational
Recent News
Key Data
⌛ Account Opening Time
1 Day 1 Day
📋 Documents Required

Only to increase withdrawal limits:

  • Valid identity document (Passport, ID Card, etc)
  • Valid proof of residence document (Bank statement, utility bills)

All documents must be under the account holder's name.

  • Valid identity documents (Passport, ID card, etc)
  • Valid proof of residence document (Bank statement, utility bills)

All documents must be under the account holder’s name.

🏛 Financial Regulators

None, not required at the moment.

  • FCA (UK)
  • FSCA (South Africa)
  • CySec (Cyprus)
📍 Year Founded
2017 1965
💳 Minimum Deposit
0 $, €, £ - 100 (Standard) and 10,000 (Premium)
💰 Payment Methods
  • All supported cryptocurrencies
  • Bank transfers
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • UnionPay
  • Bank Transfer
💵 Account Base Currencies
All supported cryptocurrencies. 3 - EUR, USD, GBP
🗽 Available to U.S Citizens
Yes (excluding few states) No
❌ Restricted Countries
None US, BE, CN, SG, CH
📊 STP Account
No No
📊 DMA Account
No No
📊 ECN Account
No No
📚 Available Assets
  • More than 700+ real cryptocurrencies
  • A wide selection of derivatives based on real cryptocurrencies such as futures, vanilla options, etc.
  • CFDs on currencies, bonds, indices, shares, ETFs, commodities and cryptocurrencies.
  • 📙 Stocks
    N/A 5,000 CFDs (250 are commission free)
    📘 Currency Pairs
    N/A 60
    📗 Commodities
    N/A 17
    📕 Indices
    N/A 20
    📔 ETFs
    N/A 19
    💸 Cryptocurrencies
    700+ 5
    📒 Bonds
    N/A 8
    📓 Options
    N/A N/A
    📗 Futures
    N/A 45
    📝 Notes:

    Binance specialises in real cryptocurrencies and tokenised derivatives based on their own cryptocurrency offering.

    ETX Capital offers CFDs, spread betting and futures.

    Trading Experience
    📈 Minimum Stock Trade Size
    N/A 1 Share
    📉 Minimum ETFs Trade Size
    N/A 1 ETF
    📈 Minimum Crypto Trade Size
    $10 Varies by Cryptocurrency (Eg: 0.01 BTC)
    📉 Minimum FX Trade Size
    N/A $1,000 (0.01 lots)
    📈 Minimum Commodities Trade Size
    N/A Varies per commodity (Eg 0.1 for WTI, 1 for Cotton)
    📉 Minimum Bonds Trade Size
    N/A 1 unit
    📈 Minimum Futures Trade Size
    N/A Varies per futures contract (Eg: 0.1 Copper, 1 for Bonds)
    📉 Minimum Options Trade Size
    N/A N/A
    💪 Retail Leverage
    Up to 1:20 Up to 1:30
    💪 Professional Leverage
    N/A Up to 1:500
    ✍ Customisable Leverage
    N/A No
    🎲 Deleveraged Trading
    Yes No
    🎓 Demo Account
    No Yes
    📱 IOS App
    Yes Yes
    📱 Android App
    Yes Yes
    📺 MetaTrader 4
    No Yes
    📺 MetaTrader 5
    No No
    💻 Web trader
    Yes Yes
    💻 TradingView Platform
    Yes No
    💻 Proprietary Platform
    Yes Yes
    📊 Multi-chart Tools
    Yes Yes
    👬 Copy Trading
    No Yes
    👫 Social Trading
    No Yes
    🔑 Guaranteed Stop-loss
    No No
    🔨 Trailing Stop-loss
    No Yes
    💰 Inactivity Fee
    No No
    💰 Deposit Fees
    No No
    💰 Withdrawal Fees
    No No
    💰 Commissions

    Binance charges a fixed 0.1% trade value fee for spot trades.

    Yes, depending on asset class. (Eg: U.S shares have a 2 cents per share charge with a minimum of $15 per order, European shares have a 0.1% of transaction value charge with a minimum 10 € charge)

    📈 EUR/USD
    N/A Dynamic - From 0.6 Pips
    📉 SP500
    N/A Dynamic - From 60 Pips
    📈 GOLD
    N/A Dynamic - From 60 Pips
    📉 TSLA (Stock CFD)
    N/A Dynamic - From $13
    📈 XLK (ETF - CFD)
    N/A N/A
    📉 BTC
    Dynamic - From $1 Dynamic - Eg. $226.4
    Research and Analysis
    ⭐ Watchlists
    Yes Yes
    🔭 Stock Screener
    No No
    🗓 Economic Calendar
    No No
    📜 Integrated Newsfeed
    No No
    📡 Reuters Feed
    No No

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