ETX Capital

72.54% of retail CFD accounts lose money.



Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk.

ETX Capital Vs. Coinbase - Compare and Choose the Right One

Updated Jan 04 2022


72.54% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk.


Founded in 1965, ETX Capital offers 60 currency pairs and a wide selection of equities for the beginning and experienced investors with no deposit and withdrawal fees.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet founded in 2012 with the aim of simplifying cryptocurrency transactions for the average user. Through their mobile and web app they allow purchasing, storing, receiving and sending several real cryptocurrencies.

Best For
  • Forex traders for variety of currencies and high net worth equities
  • Traders seeking commission free equities inside their 250 commission-less selection
  • Traders who want to trade commodity futures and bonds 
  • Inexperienced cryptocurrency investors
  • Long term cryptocurrency holders
  • Investors meeting the above two conditions and also satisfied with the cryptocurrency offering they provide
  • Seasoned investors and traders looking to explore the Coinbase Pro option for better pricing.



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The Good
  • Commission-free trades for 250 equities
  • Low minimum deposit to open standard account (100£)
  • Wide selection of commodity futures and bonds
  • Decent educational material for market research, including seminars on indices, commodities and currencies
  • Extremely simple and friendly interfaces
  • Moderate variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Independent wallet application
  • Option to choose from standard Coinbase or Coinbase Pro
  • Coinbase debit card (for eligible countries) to spend and manage your cryptocurrencies
The Bad
  • Doesn’t provide live news feed on standard account
  • No ability to purchase real stocks or ETFs (All assets are CFDs)
  • Expensive commissions on shares (Eg minimum $15 on US shares, 10 € on EU shares)
  • Extremely high fees for cryptocurrency transactions (especially on standard app)
  • Low variety of cryptocurrencies to trade when compared to leading exchanges
Operational Operational
Recent News
Key Data
⌛ Account Opening Time
1 Day 1 Day
📋 Documents Required
  • Valid identity documents (Passport, ID card, etc)
  • Valid proof of residence document (Bank statement, utility bills)

All documents must be under the account holder’s name.

  • Valid identity document (Passport, ID Card, etc)
  • Valid proof of residence document (Bank statement, utility bills)

All documents must be under the account holder's name.

🏛 Financial Regulators
  • FCA (UK)
  • FSCA (South Africa)
  • CySec (Cyprus)
  • Registered as an electronic payments provider in countries where required to operate, yet they don’t require traditional brokerage regulation.
📍 Year Founded
1965 2012
💳 Minimum Deposit
$, €, £ - 100 (Standard) and 10,000 (Premium) 0
💰 Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • UnionPay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Transfers
  • Paypal
💵 Account Base Currencies
3 - EUR, USD, GBP All available cryptocurrencies.
🗽 Available to U.S Citizens
No Yes
❌ Restricted Countries
US, BE, CN, SG, CH None
📊 STP Account
No No
📊 DMA Account
No No
📊 ECN Account
No No
📚 Available Assets
  • CFDs on currencies, bonds, indices, shares, ETFs, commodities and cryptocurrencies.
    • Coinbase provides only real cryptocurrencies.
    📙 Stocks
    5,000 CFDs (250 are commission free) N/A
    📘 Currency Pairs
    60 N/A
    📗 Commodities
    17 N/A
    📕 Indices
    20 N/A
    📔 ETFs
    19 N/A
    💸 Cryptocurrencies
    5 110+
    📒 Bonds
    8 N/A
    📓 Options
    N/A N/A
    📗 Futures
    45 N/A
    📝 Notes:

    ETX Capital offers CFDs, spread betting and futures.

    Coinbase is a traditional cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, meaning that all cryptocurrencies purchased are real ones and not financial derivatives.

    Trading Experience
    📈 Minimum Stock Trade Size
    1 Share N/A
    📉 Minimum ETFs Trade Size
    1 ETF N/A
    📈 Minimum Crypto Trade Size
    Varies by Cryptocurrency (Eg: 0.01 BTC) $2
    📉 Minimum FX Trade Size
    $1,000 (0.01 lots) N/A
    📈 Minimum Commodities Trade Size
    Varies per commodity (Eg 0.1 for WTI, 1 for Cotton) N/A
    📉 Minimum Bonds Trade Size
    1 unit N/A
    📈 Minimum Futures Trade Size
    Varies per futures contract (Eg: 0.1 Copper, 1 for Bonds) N/A
    📉 Minimum Options Trade Size
    N/A N/A
    💪 Retail Leverage
    Up to 1:30 N/A
    💪 Professional Leverage
    Up to 1:500 N/A
    ✍ Customisable Leverage
    No No
    🎲 Deleveraged Trading
    No Yes
    🎓 Demo Account
    Yes No
    📱 IOS App
    Yes Yes
    📱 Android App
    Yes Yes
    📺 MetaTrader 4
    Yes No
    📺 MetaTrader 5
    No No
    💻 Web trader
    Yes Yes
    💻 TradingView Platform
    No No
    💻 Proprietary Platform
    Yes Yes
    📊 Multi-chart Tools
    Yes No
    👬 Copy Trading
    Yes No
    👫 Social Trading
    Yes No
    🔑 Guaranteed Stop-loss
    No No
    🔨 Trailing Stop-loss
    Yes No
    💰 Inactivity Fee
    No No
    💰 Deposit Fees
    No No
    💰 Withdrawal Fees
    No No
    💰 Commissions

    Yes, depending on asset class. (Eg: U.S shares have a 2 cents per share charge with a minimum of $15 per order, European shares have a 0.1% of transaction value charge with a minimum 10 € charge)

    Yes, from 0.50% up to 2.0% of transaction values on Coinbase Standard.

    📈 EUR/USD
    Dynamic - From 0.6 Pips N/A
    📉 SP500
    Dynamic - From 60 Pips N/A
    📈 GOLD
    Dynamic - From 60 Pips N/A
    📉 TSLA (Stock CFD)
    Dynamic - From $13 N/A
    📈 XLK (ETF - CFD)
    N/A N/A
    📉 BTC
    Dynamic - Eg. $226.4 Dynamic - From 0.50% up to 2.0%
    Research and Analysis
    ⭐ Watchlists
    Yes Yes
    🔭 Stock Screener
    No No
    🗓 Economic Calendar
    No No
    📜 Integrated Newsfeed
    No Yes
    📡 Reuters Feed
    No No

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